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Sarah Burkybile - President

Sarah is a lifetime resident of the 4-State area, growing up in Galena, KS and graduating in 1999 from Galena High School. She and her husband Travis now make their home with their five year old son in Joplin, MO. Sarah will be graduating from Pittsburg State University, Spring of 2011 with a BA in Public Relations, minor in Marketing.

Sarah was diagnosed with Stage IIB Breast Cancer on June 21st, 2007 at the age of 26. After 8 rounds of chemotherapy, bi-lateral mastectomies, and 34 radiation treatments,and reconstruction. She started to volunteer and help with the 1st Annual Race 4 HOPE. Sarah was then diagnosed with a local recurrence of breast cancer in June 2009. She finished treatment in November with 11 more rounds of chemotherapy under her belt. Then April 2010, Sarah learned that her breast cancer had metastasized
to her lungs. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment. She knew that awareness and support was extremely important. Sarah wants HOPE 4 You to be there for others just like it was there for her. Sarah is determined to be a voice in advocacy, awareness, and support for Breast Cancer survivors and their families. Sarah feels extremely honored to be a part of the HOPE 4 You Breast Cancer Foundation and to be able to make a change in others' lives.She is also now the Chairperson for Surviving Together with HOPE, a breast cancer support group.